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Screen Printing Squeegees

We supply complete squeegees suitable for hand screen printing, hardwood squeegee holders and matching square edge polyurathene squeegee blades available by the inch or full rolls.

How to use our website:

Please read our guides below on how to choose the right squeegee.

Complete squeegees

Squeegee blade

Squeegee handles

Squeegee rolls

What squeegee to use

Square edge squeegee blade is the most commonly used squeegee profile and that is why it is the one that we offer on our website. It is the best squeegee blade profile for textile and can be used for a variety of other substrates too. It is suitable for a wide range of inks, like water based and plastisol screen inks. Ideal for general graphics as it deposites a small amound of ink and creates a sharp printed image. This type of squeegee blade is also suitable for half-tone dot production.

Red (soft) Squeegee Blade increase ink deposit and offer medium detail. Usually used with larger mesh openings like 43T and is more suitable for low viscosity screen printing inks. They are ideal for irregular substrates.

Green (Medium) Squeegee Blade is the most commonly used squeegee blade and is used for nearly all applications. It can be used with a wide range of mesh count and inks. Will give good ink deposit and fine detail control.

Triple Red and Green Squeegee Blades have rigid centers and they will give good definition when printing with thicker (for examample supercover or more opaque) screen inks while the softer outer edge squeegee blade provides a more substantial ink deposit.

What size squeegee

Maximum size: Keep a few inches clearance between the frame and the squeegee. Minimum size: Your squeegee should be at least half an inch bigger on both sides than your artwork